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My desire is to support people in need and to empower vulnerable lives with dignity, regardless of race, nationality and religion.

I want to reach the unreachable, save lives & strengthen the communities.


Growing up in Central Asia and having spent a considerable time in different countries, I consider myself very fortunate to have gained a lot of intercultural experience.

At times, working and living with people of different nationalities and mother tongues, can be quite difficult. Especially since their way of thinking or doing things is sometimes different from my own. However, I am very glad for these opportunities and experiences because they help me gain a better understanding of the world and various ways of life. Through these past circumstances, I learned to be flexible, patient and to approach life with a positive and thankful attitude.

Living most of my life in high altitude mountains, surrounded by many varying hazards and disasters, I started to develop a vision for high altitude disaster risk reduction and response units. My vision is to one day organize and manage disaster response operations, to create risk reduction units, teach and train locals for first response. Furthermore, I want to empower local communities in potential danger zones to lower the risk from some of the worst man-made and natural disasters.

Having had the opportunity to work with different humanitarian organizations in Bangladesh, Serbia, Ukraine and Germany I developed the desire to continue working in disaster response. That is also the reason I started studying International Disaster Response & Relief at the Akkon University of Human Sciences and started volunteering with the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief.

In December 2017, I quit my job at a Mercedes Benz Dealership, to volunteer with a NGO and a local partner in the Rohingya refugee crisis in Bangladesh, as a technical logistician. During this time, I was very blessed to pursue my vision. Receiving the opportunity to participate in cluster meetings as the Log and Shelter Coordinator, I was able to gain further experience regarding management of high scale humanitarian operations, fixing cars and generators, planning and building child friendly spaces (CFS).

As a resourceful, organized and multi-skilled team player, I believe to add great value to the humanitarian world. Being highly motivated, with over 17 years of intercultural experience, I became a critical thinker with excellent result-oriented problem solving and improvising skills.

Becoming part of the humanitarian world would once again enables me to step out of my comfort zone, in order to gain new experience and use that to help and support people around the world.

My goal is to empower the vulnerable people and transform lives regardless of race, nationality and religion. Especially in times where the raising number of natural and man-made disasters is rising continuous.



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